The session includes

  • This session is 45-60 minutes long
  • 2-4 people
  • 1 set of outfits
  • This time frame will typically get you a minimum of 5-10 images of each individual as well as 3-5 group shots, but there is no guarantee
  • The combined session fee is $450
  • Additional cost for digitals is $100 per person in the group

Additional information

Each image is edited and added to your online gallery in color as well as black and white. Your online gallery does not expire after a limited amount of time. If I have this website, your gallery will be there. If for any reason this changes, if I have up to date contact information, you will be notified.

When the photos are ready, you can:

  • Pay the “additional cost for digitals” and receive the rights to download and print the photos on your own.
  • Order at least that amount in prints from the website or at an in-person consultation, and still receive the rights to download and print more photos on your own.
  • Order less than that amount in prints and not receive access to the digital files.

Retouching is available at an additional fee.

If you would like any additional information, feel free to CONTACT ME!

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